Cultural Development in Canada - A Case Study - Oxford University Press, 2016

Case Study “Cultural Planning in Canada” by Kari Huhtala is published  in “Planning Canada - A Case Study Approach” Oxford University Press (edited by Dr. Ren Thomas), 2016.

The case study offers an introduction to cultural planning using three case studies: Kelowna, British Columbia; Kingston, Ontario; and Moncton, New Brunswick.  It defines cultural planning and the main actors in developing community goals and programs, the process of developing and implementing cultural plans, and the challenges of engaging community stakeholders, many who have no background in culture or the arts.  Cultural planning is a relatively new and rapidly developing area of municipal and regional planning, and these three case studies offer many lessons for smaller cities with limited financial and staff resources.

"Planning Canada" is a recipient of the Canadian Institute of Planning 2016 Award of Excellence Merit winner for Planning Publications.

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