Crest Adera Public Art Plan, North Vancouver, BC (Active)


The development of three public art projects are underway:

1.  Relocation of the “Grizzly” artwork by Ken Clarke within the development site.  As part of its relocation the artwork will be refurbished and placed on a new foundation.

2.  Proposed “Corvus” artwork by i.e. creative

Corvus” by i.e. creative is an interactive kinetic sculpture that is powered by human interaction.  It is made extensively from brightly and mirror-polished stainless steel against the shiny armature of the sculpture.  The sculpture is kinetic and is powered by human interaction.  By gripping and turning the horizontal stainless steel hoop, the entire sculpture will rotate and the murder of ravens above their heads will swirl around them.  Looking in the mirrors the viewer will see this swirling flock transformed into a 3-dimensional animation of a raven.


3. Proposed Mural “Milkweed for Monarchs” by Ilya Viryachev

Proposed mural located on the west wall of the adjacent Telus building at 150 East 8th Street will be 68 metres in length and 10 metres in height.  The artwork presents monarch butterflies and their importance in the ecosystem.


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