Bernard Avenue Street Pole Art Project, Kelowna, BC

In December 2012, the City of Kelowna initiated an invitation to a select group of artists to submit proposals in conjunction with the revitalization of Kelowna’s “Main Street”.  The theme of the Request for Proposals (RFP) was “Natural and Cultural Landscapes” intended to engage residents and visitors as they experience one of Kelowna’s foremost public spaces. 

The objective of the Bernard Avenue Pole Art is to place 46 metal plates (2 per pole) on 23 light poles along Bernard Avenue.

The pole artwork designed by Crystal Przybille was selected.  The artwork references aspects of Kelowna's natural environment, both indigenous and cultivated.  The images allude to the interrelationships and life-cycles of the flora and fauna of the area, carrying the beauty and significance of our natural environment to the downtown core.  Some of the pole art designs represent indigenous species, and carry traditional importance to the Syilx people, while other designs represent flora and fauna introduced to the Valley by European Settlers. 

The designs “zoom-in” on nature, utilizing patterning and slight abstraction.  The compositions become 3-dimensional through use of spacing and layering.  The images “come alive” by extending past the confines of the trapezoidal plate, and glow at their hearts with a “stained glass” element that captures light and attention.

The artwork consists of 8 unique designs that will be repeated 6 times each on the new Bernard Avenue Lamp Poles. They reference the following:  

  • Arrowleaf Balsam Root 
  • Spawning Salmon and Eggs
  • Ponderosa Branches and Cones  
  • Bulrushes and Redwinged Blackbirds
  • Cherry Blossoms 
  • Eagle Nest with Eggs
  • Honeycomb and Bees 
  • Painted Turtle

For more information on Crystal Przybille’s artwork visit her website

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